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Why Pole?

The benefits of pole can span across multiple different aspects of a person’s life.


The most obvious and well known benefits of pole fitness is what it does for you physically.  It works the entire body, developing strength, flexibility and coordination from your torso to your toes, making you more in tune with your body.


By giving people a healthy outlet for expression, pole dancing becomes an escape, helping to calm the mind and reduce any stress and anxiety.  Regular pole sessions also helps with a person’s body confidence and self esteem.  When you see all the things your body is capable of doing, you are less conscious about how it looks doing them!


The best part about any pole dancing class is the community that is built around it.  Pole dancing can be very intimidating when you’re first starting out but the loving and supportive culture of the pole community changes all that.  The people you pole with become your other family, encouraging you and empowering you to be your best self in the most authentic way possible.

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