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Things To Know

To ensure we all have a great time during class, we have created a little guidebook for you.

Please read carefully as there are a lot of important information.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

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  1. Registration fee and class payment is due PRIOR to attending class.

  2. CANCELLATIONS: There is a no refund policy for any cancellations at PO. However, if a member has a valid reason for cancellation of a course, class or workshop due to legitimate medical illness, injury or pregnancy, they may be credited an amount to use at the studio for future at PO management’s discretions. 


  1. If we need to reschedule a class, we must do so 12 hours PRIOR to class commencing. Failure to do so will be counted as “no show” and request for rescheduling will be denied. (Exceptions: in case of illness or injury with a medical certificate, or proof of a family emergency).

  2. All replacement classes must be scheduled WITHIN the same term. 

  3. Classes can be replaced with other class categories subject to availability (e.g Sunbear replaced with PoleFIT). 

  4. Any unused class cannot be brought forward to the next term, and it will be deemed forfeited by the end of the term.


  1. Please do not use greasy lotions/oils/creams on the day of class. These products make the floor and equipment slippery and unsafe.

  2. We shall remove any jewelry that may scratch or get caught in equipment.

  3. We are to inform the instructor of any new/recent injuries or illnesses. 

  4. If we are sick, please stay at home. Notify the instructor before class to organize the replacement. 


  1. Classes will start on time to ensure there are no delays for the subsequent classes. Kindly arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to allow sufficient time for registration, use of restroom, and change of work attire.

  2. PO believes that warm ups are very important to prevent injuries. As such, if we are to be late to class commencing, we are to inform the instructor beforehand.

  3. If latecomers have missed part of, or the entire warm up, PO recommends members to sit and observe class instead to prevent risk of injuries. Note taking is permitted . If members insist to participate, they are required to do their own warm up and PO is in no way responsible for injury caused during class.



  1. Filming or recording of instructor during class is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

  2. We shall put our mobile phones on silent and NOT use it during class. You may take your phone calls outside of the class.

  3. Video recording and photos can be taken in the last 10 minutes of class.

  4. Please respect your fellow classmates’ privacy. If there are people other than yourself in your photos and video, be sure to ask for permission from all individuals in the shot before posting in on to social media. 

  5. If you are NOT a member of the class in session,  photography or recording are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. 


  1. We shall inform the instructor of all health issues and pre-existing injuries before class begins so that proper modifications can be made.

  2. We shall not interrupt or speak when our instructor is demonstrating or teaching during class.

  3. We should not attempt to do a move/trick/spin until we have been shown or been instructed to do so. Doing so may be unsafe and may risk getting injured.

  4. We should not “teach” or instruct other classmates in class as this can be dangerous. Leave that to the Instructor/Teacher. If there are any questions in class relating to the lessons, please ask the Instructor/Teacher directly.


  1. Please clean and wipe down our poles and mats  with spray and cloth provided at the end of class for the next person to use.
    NOTE: BLACK POLE--The silicone coated pole should ONLY be cleaned with the special BLACK CLOTH PROVIDED. DO NOT use any other cloth or spray as this can damage the coating.

  2. If you are sick, please stay at home. Notify the instructor before class to organize the replacement. 

  3. NO Food or Drinks (Except water) inside the studio. You can eat outside in the waiting area if needed. All take-away food containers is to be taken out of the premises. 


  1. Please keep all belongings in lockers provided (inside classroom) to maintain a clean and tidy feel (Plus it looks better when taking photos and videos!).

  2. PO is a “NO NEGATIVE ZONE”. No bullying, body shaming or negative comments allowed in PO. PO has a zero tolerance for inappropriate treatment of others. 

  3. Be kind to one another (including yourself!). Do not put down or be mean. Use positive words to replace negative words (E.g. Instead of “I can’t do this!” say “I can’t do this, yet”).

  4. Please respect fellow classmates and instructors. We all have our strengths and weaknesses so choose words wisely and be mindful.

  5. No Venting. This is a safe zone where people come to relax and have fun during the duration of the class. If you need to get something off your chest, one or two brief comments may be tolerated, the rest, dance it out or leave it outside of the classroom.

  6. Do not drink alcohol or take drugs prohibited by law before or during any pole dancing lessons and activities conducted or organized by PO.

  7. PO strongly discourage members to bring along their children to avoid any unforeseen incidents. However, if any member requires to bring their children to class, they are to ensure that their children do not interrupt the class and other fellow members. The member and their children may be asked to leave if failed to do so.


OPT is a time where PO members come for personal practice time. We won’t have an instructor present as this is for members looking to improve and work on the moves they have already learned in class. Therefore for safety reasons, we have created some OPT rules.

  1. A minimum of TWO members are required for OPT.

  2. We ONLY practice pole moves that have been taught in OPT. Practicing moves that have not been taught at PO are at our own risk.

  3. Before leaving, we ensure PO studio is kept as it was found. We shall clean and wipe down our poles and mats at the end of OPT and return all items (Pole Cleaners, Crash Mats etc.) to its original place.

  4. MUSIC Courtesy – We must kindly ask our other pole family members in the room first before changing the current music or wish to play a new song list. Alternatively, we may bring our own earphones. We shall have the music volume at an acceptable level and shall not disturb others, especially LEVEL UP FITNESS and ZEN OASIS.

  5. We must follow all PO class etiquette and policies mentioned in this handbook.

  6. No FOOD or drinks (except water) inside the studio please. 

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