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(Beginner Pole)

Never done pole dancing before? This is the class for you. With no prior experience or fitness background needed, here you will learn the foundation and basic pole moves, including spins, different grips and climbs. A great way to have a taste and introduction to pole dancing.



(Tech 1)

Here we will learn more basic dance moves and pole tricks up the pole including inverts (going upside down), elbow handstands etc. We will focus on building the strength and overall conditioning fundamentally required to move up to the next level. 


(Pre-requisite: Completed Bambi course or able to: Sway squat, fan kick, climb, sit and layout, front knee spin and chair spin confidently.)



(Tech 2)

This is where we will focus on perfecting and fine tuning moves learned in the Beginners course. We will learn new moves and tricks like shoulder mount, leg switches, butterfly etc, and learn how to link them together into a small combo. This is where we will further build the strength and flexibility required to move up to the next level.

(Pre-requisite: Completed Beginner course, able to layback, Jamilla prep, crucifix, outside leg hang, Invert confidently)



(Tech 3)

Welcome Orangutans! By the time you get here you would have perfected all your foundation moves learned in Intro2Pole, Beginner and Tech 1. Now it is time to take you to a new level of challenges! Here we will learn to invert aerially, adding on tricks. transitions from a leg hang and into other pole moves. Learn the static V (Ayesha) and brass monkey.

(Pre-requisite: Invert confidently both sides, butterfly, leg switches, body switches, Jamilla)


Golden Tigers

(50 years +)

At Pole Oasis we believe there is no age limit to learn pole dancing. Here we have created a class specially for women who are 50 years young and above. In this class you will learn a variety of pole tricks, spins and combos, and we will put together a little routine towards the end of the term.

Pole Dance & Conditioning

Exotic Cubs

Here we will learn how to float, melt and be fluid with our movement. Spread your wings and explore the art of movement and how to move with expression and

emotion. Focusing on clean lines,  musicality and effortless flow.

Choreography will be inspired by the theme of each term.


Exotic Clouded Leopard

Exclusively for women only, here we get to explore moves like bodyrolls, exotic leg work, floorwork, and shoulder rolls.  Discover and connect with the sensual side of the female body movement and unleash the inner sexy goddess in you.


PoleFIT Rhinos

Looking for a way to sweat it out, build overall body strength and flexibility AND have fun at the same time? Or are you looking to add on some conditioning to complement your pole classes? PoleFIT will help you do just that. The class starts off with choreographed warm ups, followed by exercises using the pole and other equipment such as resistant bands to build strength, ending the class with some active flexibility exercises to help you be more flexible in a safe manner.


Beginner, Levels 1 - 5

Aerial Hoop, or also known as Lyra, is a circular steep apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling that requires one to perform moves and techniques. In this class you will learn how to link moves together, build endurance and strength as well as giving you the freedom to hang to new heights.

AerialFIT Rhinos

Are you looking to speed up your progress with Aerial Hoop? Or simply looking for a fun way to build strength? AerialFIT is the class for you.  This is a strength and conditioning class using the hoop apparatus to push you to the next level. 


Yoga Flow

A yoga class with a dance twist. Yoga Flow is  a yoga sequence choreographed in perfect harmony with a specific song to help you experience a flow-like state of mind. You will move with the music and embody the energy of the song -unifying the mind, breath and movement.


Bendy Baycats

We strongly believe stretching should be comfortable and NOT painful. Learn how to become more flexible yet stronger at the same time. With specific active flexibility exercises, we will learn techniques to connect with our body, engaging and relaxing the right muscles at the right time.

Always wanted to learn to do the splits? Or improve back flexibility? Or simply just want to become more supple, this is the class for you.



Coming Soon..

 Layback Side.jpg
OPT (Open Practice Time)

OPT (Open Practice Time)

Open practice is a time for PO members to come for personal practice time. This is a class for members looking to practice, improve and work on the moves they have already learned in class. Members are  encouraged to ONLY practice tricks that were taught in class or moves that members are confident in doing without a spotter.

Please see specific terms and conditions for Open Practice Sessions.

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